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Harassment and Workplace Safety
It is now recognized that the best approach to ensure a healthy and productive work environment is to prevent conflicts in organizations.  Preventive management of conflicts between employees avoids the work environment becoming toxic. Furthermore, the act mentions that the employer must take all reasonable actions to prevent harassment in the workplace and intervene when such a situation is brought to its attention. The holding of an internal investigation in response to a situation of harassment is a responsible way for the employer to fulfill its responsibility while demonstrating to employees and union leaders that harassment in the workplace is taken seriously within the enterprise.

Details Investigation has on staff specialist in investigation from the police environment and human resources graduate in order to offer you the services of harassment case and safety management of employees in the workplace. This allows us to carry out an investigation to resolve an actual problem, to train your managers (prevention, detection, management) and to put in place preventive procedures.  Our specialists in investigation and in human resources will be able to assist you through the following steps.

  • Harassment in the workplace;
  • Substance abuse;
  • Establishment of a procedures manual and training of managers;
  • Code of ethics of the company;